Fall Recruitment at the University of Tennessee AT Chattanooga will take place August 2019!

To sign up for Panhellenic Recruitment or if you have any questions please refer to the  UTC Panhellenic website:



Dear Potential New Members,

    My name is Bailey Callison, and I have the honor as serving as the Delta Alpha chapter of Chi Omega’s Recruitment Chair this year! I first want to congratulate you on your decision to come to UTC. The next few years will be ones that you look back on with a certain fondness that only the best of memories can evoke. I can trace the majority of my greatest times back to, ultimately, one decision- going through recruitment. Joining Chi Omega has taught me that every choice you make shapes your life in one way or another; I can assure you, you will not regret your choice to pursue Greek life!

    During recruitment, my sisters and I will have the privilege of meeting you. We welcome the chance to get to know you, and learn more about what makes you, well... YOU! We will jump on the chance to share with you all the things we love most about Chi Omega… authentic, intentional friendships, a desire to invest in our community and others around us, and a steadfast pursuit of success- both inside, and outside of the classroom.

    Coming to college, I felt unprepared for what this chapter of life would throw at me. Fortunately, I haven't had to face anything alone. My sisters in Chi Omega have walked with me through every uphill battle, every bad day, and every good day. I have always been met with whatever I needed at the time. From a surprise coffee when I showed up (late) to that 8 am math class, to a shoulder to cry on after what seemed like the worst night of my life, to a simple "I knew you could do it, I'm proud of you!" when I got my dream internship- these women have a special way of encouraging me and building me up.

My desire for you is that through your recruitment experience, you will learn all about the wonderful organizations in the Panhellenic Community and moreover, learn about yourself and what you are seeking to gain from your college experience. I wish you the best as you begin this new journey and hope that you find what I have here at UTC- friendships and memories that will last far longer than four years.

Chi O Love and Mine,

Bailey Callison



Hello potential new members!

Hi my name is Avery Cupples and I am Delta Alpha’s GM/New Member Educator! I love my job because I get to teach new members what Chi Omega is about and all it has to offer! I will always cherish my time as a new member and its impact on me. My time in Chi Omega has grown me in ways that I never expected. I never saw myself as a leader or someone who was confident.  It has given me so many friendships and sisters who have seen things in me that I never saw in myself. In Chi Omega, I have found my home away from home, and a support system of girls who always have my back. They have shown me what it truly means to be “loyal under any and all circumstances.” I am so grateful to be a part of something much bigger than myself. To PC’19: I absolutely cannot wait to welcome you home on Bid Day and watch as you fall in love with this sweet sisterhood just as much as I have! 

Loyally in Chi Omega,

Avery Cupples



August 18, 2018 was an exciting day for Delta Alpha! We welcomed PC '18 and had a blast on our biker-themed bid day!