Your active membership in Chi Omega may only last four years, but the bonds you make last a lifetime.

Every year, our chapter hosts a variety of sisterhood events to help grow and flourish our chapters relationships. From ice cream dates, to sisterhood retreats, white water rafting, and so much more, Delta Alpha thrives by creating bonds of sisterhood that last beyond our time in college. 

Thanks to our Sisterhood Chair and Sisterhood Assistants, Chi Omegas have a number of fun activities planned every semester!


Active Surprise

About halfway through the fall semester, new members get the opportunity to plan something special for the actives. In the Delta Alpha tradition, the new members will plan fun games, make snacks, set up photo props, and order t-shirts!


Sisterhood Retreats

In both semesters, our sisterhood chair and assistants plan a unique event for sisters to bond over! Last year, the fall sisterhood retreat was a sleeper with all our sisters playing fun games and eating yummy snacks. This semester, our sisterhood retreat was a game of Chi O Clue where we had to solve a mystery by finding clues and winning games with a group of sisters! This semester, we have had so much fun on the annual white water rafting trip, a s'mores night at the house, and paint wars!


Big Little Week

Definitely the sweetest part of the fall semester! After getting to know the older girls, new members go through a week of pampering as they receive different/unique gifts from their unknown big. The best treat is at the end of the week when the big finally reveals herself and adds her little to the family line.



Social Events

Twice a year, our wonderful Social Chair and her assistant plan wonderful socials for the chapter. In the fall, we have a themed date party, and in the spring, we have our Chi Omega Formal! Both outings are a great opportunity for our sisters to relax and let loose with sisters and friends! Not to mention our super fun mixers!